City Talks: what will Brexit mean for cities?

Andrew talks to Tony Travers and Vicky Pryce about the impact of Brexit, and Alexandra Jones and Paul Swinney about what came out of the Autumn Statement.

In this month’s episode, Andrew begins with a brief look at what came out of the Autumn Statement with colleagues from the Centre. Chief Executive Alexandra Jones looks at what the Statement revealed about the relationship between No. 10 and No. 11, and Paul Swinney gives an overview of the Northen Powerhouse strategy paper. Finally Andrew asks his guests whether we’re likely to see a slowdown in new devolution announcements.

After that, Andrew debates the impact of Brexit on cities with the economist Vicky Pryce and Prof Tony Travers from the London School of Economics. The discussion begins with a survey of the geography of the EU Referendum vote, and what part economic issues played in how people voted. The conversation then touches on the effect the result is having in Whitehall, what cities can do to influence the government’s approach to negotiations, and whether delivering Brexit will take attention away from other priorities (such as devolution to city regions). Finally, discussion turns to how cities can take advantage of the new government’s emphasis on industrial strategy.

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Terry McGinn
8 December 2016 21:44

Not sure why I got "403 Forbidden" when I tried to download the MP3 version - I use Firefox


Centre Cities
9 December 2016 09:22

Apologies Terry, it should work now.